The Honeybee Dilemma

If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” – Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of Bees


Michelle and I love bees. In fact, Michelle gets so excited watching the bees, you would think she was still a child.

Honeybee pollinating our squash

Honeybee pollinating our squash

Unfortunately, between a cold winter and colony collapse, we don’t see nearly as many bees as we once had. I remember watching bees by the hundreds scattered across the yard buzzing from one clover flower to the next. We had to watch our step when walking across the lawn, as you never knew when you were about to step on a bee and get the sting of a lifetime.

Bumblebee covered in pollen from hyssups

Bumblebee covered in pollen from hyssups

Last year, we had tons of bees working every flower of every plant in the garden. Even in the raspberries and pears, you couldn’t look at a flower without watching a honeybee in action. Though we have countless bumblebees, they’re overall population has dropped dramatically, as well.

Michelle and I have decided to invest in a hive or two for next year. We know there’s a lot of work involved, but we’re ready to do what we think is necessary for the food system.

What do you think about bees?

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2 thoughts on “The Honeybee Dilemma

  1. I’ve learned to love bees. I’ve never been stung, and I’m a bit terrified of it, but they don’t generally hurt people. There are so few of them that I’ve seen this year. It scares me.

    I am eager to hear about your hive journey, if you do get bees! I would love to do that – the honey would be amazing, not to mention the benefits for the gardens!

    Paper wasps on the other hand… do they have any benefit? :)

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