Rochester Vertical Farm


This is the prototype vertical farm created by George Irwin, the founder and President of Green Living Technologies, using his patented green walls. I am partnering with George to build a network of vertical farms as a way to bring access to fresh and nutritious food to low income communities and food deserts. Vertical panels can also be purchased by restaurants and grocers to bring the freshest quality food into the kitchens. The panels also offer a great source of marketing. They show the customer that there is a commitment fresh and locally grown food in every dish served.

Yes, I know the camera angle is wrong.

We are able to grow anything from nightshades to brassicas to herbs and spices. We’ve had success with greens and root veggies as well. Right now, we’re working on growing several varieties of mushrooms.

If you’re in the Rochester, NY area and are looking to display a beautiful edible or ornamental living wall in your restaurant or grocery store, feel free to contact me at

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