The Night Before Christmas in American Sign Language

Rochester, NY is home of the largest deaf and hard of hearing community per capita in the nation, nearly 90,000 strong. These are men and women who do not see being deaf as a disability, but as a gift, for they are as proud of their accomplishments as a community as any other community is proud of theirs. As they should be.

I would like to thank our friend, Tate DeCaro for this video of John Albertini reading the Christmas carol while Pat Graybill so beautifully translates in American Sign Language. This was recorded at the DeCaro Christmas party in 2011.

I encourage all who do not speak ASL to find a class within your community. By not knowing American Sign Language (in the United States) we are isolating ourselves from those who could change our lives, and our perspectives on our lives. We could be missing out on great friends, and we could be missing out on an amazing and beautiful culture.

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2 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas in American Sign Language

  1. I had many deaf friends growing up. I learned ASL to communicate better with them. When my boys were little I taught it to them as well, and they saw first hand how it can make some one’s day to be able to communicate with us without the need for pen and paper. I tried to convince our school district to make it part of the language program. My view is citizens are deaf, we should know how to speak to them before learning another foreign language.

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