Nice Melons

I love cantaloupe I really do. I would go as far as saying that it’s one of my favorite things about summer. The sad thing is it doesn’t keep. You can put it in the freezer, but once it’s thawed, it’s nothing more than a blob of orange goo. I don’t like orange goo. I don’t like any goo, for that matter. I thought about making it into jelly, but I haven’t had the courage to try just yet. I’m sure I’ll give it a try soon. One thing I discovered a few years back was the dehydrator. I know what you’re thinking. Dehydrated melon? You bet!

What I want you to do is get out your food dehydrator. Make sure it’s good and clean. What to do now is cut up the melon in cubes. Make sure the skin has been taken off and thrown into the compost pile. The seeds should have been scooped out and put aside for saving, which is coming up soon.

For a lot of fruits, it’s suggested that it’s soaked in water and lemon juice for a few minutes before putting into the dehydrator. I guess you could do that with melon, but only if you are really going for the goo thing. I think it’s best to just skip that step all together.

Set the cubes on the trays, set the dehydrator to about 95 degrees. I have played with a lot of heat settings and drying times, and I have found that 95 for about 16 hours is about as perfect as we’re going to get.

Once you’re done, peel the dried cubes off the trays and set them into a plastic bag with a paper towel. The towel will absorb any moisture, and will allow the melon to last longer. Keep it in the fridge. You should be able to eat melons right into the middle of winter.

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3 thoughts on “Nice Melons

  1. I never thought about drying melon … but I can imagine it! :-) Here’s another idea … you can put it in a blender with some soy milk and it makes the most refreshing smoothy. Thanks for the dehydrator idea! :-)

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