Prop. 37. California Vs. Goliath

Most people don’t even think about what they’re eating. They just pick the brands they know off the shelf, bring it home, and eat it without any thought of the consequences that their purchase might have on them, on their community, or on the planet, itself. No one thinks of these things because no one should have to. Our food is supposed to be a part of a natural cycle that’s beneficial to the entire ecosystem.

Right now there i a battle raging on over the labeling of GMO. That’s Genetically Modified Organisms. As someone who grew up watching science-fiction B movies, a genetically modified organism is something that I don’t want in my home, let alone in my body, but the companies who are creating these GMO’s are telling us a different story. They’re saying that these products are safe. Are they?

Monsanto, DuPont, and a slew of others are the companies who are doing the genetic modifications which are causing all the ruckus. What they do is create a plant that is resistant to the herbicides and the pesticides. This way, a farmer can spray all the chemicals onto the crops that he wants without any worry that he could be damaging the end product. They also modify the plants to produce a bigger and more uniform product, which will sell better in the marketplace. Kind of a curb appeal for vegetables. It’s actually an interesting idea. “You want to use our sprays? Well, they’ll kill your seeds, but if you buy our seeds, which are resistant to our sprays, then you can buy our sprays.” It’s just an endless cycle. Buy more seeds so you can buy more spray so you can work more so you can buy more seeds…

It’s not working.

More and more, we’re seeing in the news studies that are showing the endless GMO cycle is not as perfect as thought. Insects, root worms, and other pests are becoming resistant, becoming somewhat of superbugs. GMO’s weaken our immune system and may cause specific cancers, among other health issues. There are other studies that show that GMO and sprays could be a major contributing factor to colony collapse among honey bees.

In California, there is a fight. As prop 37 is on the ballet to require GMO labeling, companies like Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, and Dow have contributed over $13 million to fighting prop 37. Monsanto posted on their Twitter that ‘Labeling would b inherently misleading 2 consumers.’ Yes, you read that right. They used the letter ‘b’ and the number ’2′, and you also read Monsanto claiming that honesty will mislead the buyer.

If they mean it will lead the consumer to healthier and more ethical products, I don’t know if that would be misleading as much as it would be the way nature intended.

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