One Day At A Time: Day One: Saving Landfills

If we were all to do one thing every day, it would make a difference. If we were all to make a conscious decision every single day of our lives to do something positive for somebody else and for the world around us, we would make the world a better place.

Not a day goes by when someone tells me that they have given up. For a lot of people, the world around them is so overwhelming, that they feel there is no solution to the problems. They feel that there is no way one single person can have an impact on a problem so big. Not a day goes by when I don’t know what they’re feeling. Every morning when I wake up and look at the news I see a world in great peril. I see people fighting for land in which is barely inhabitable, I see children starving on the street fighting to stay alive, I see corporations crushing entire civilizations, traditions, and cultures for nothing more than a short lived profit, little if any goes to those who make the sacrifice. I see a planet, sick and dying. 200 species per day become extinct, I know how easy it is to just turn around and walk away. It’s easier.

America adds 102 tons of garbage to landfills per person over a lifetime. That’s not counting cars, boats, and other bigger things. This is just in everyday household trash. 102 tons. Food, paper, plastic, metals, electronics, and the list goes on and on. That is 102 tons of garbage, most of which should never know what a landfill looks like.

Today, you’re going to do your part. Look at your garbage can in your kitchen. You know the one. It smells like last nights dinner just spent the night with Charlie Sheen. Yup, that’s it. Open it up. What do you have in there? Put on a pair of latex or plastic gloves and start picking through the garbage. You might want to do this outside, because unless you are Charlie Sheen, you probably don’t want to smell like him.

Over half of the waste we create is food. By simply composting what we don’t eat rather than throwing it in the trash, we cut our waste in half. Another thing we love to throw out is our packaging. From plastic milk jugs, to cereal boxes, there are tons of waste. There are often ways to recycle these wasteful items, and most cities will recycle them.

20-25% of all waste is contributed to diapers. Unfortunately there is no perfect answer to this. While disposables are filling our landfills, reusable cloth diapers use quite a bit of water and chemicals to clean. I think there is a toss-up with diapers. I’m doing my part by not having any kids!

So, you say that there’s nothing you can do? Well, by simply sorting your trash, you may have saves 60-80 tons of garbage from going into landfills. It’s a start. What else can you do?

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One thought on “One Day At A Time: Day One: Saving Landfills

  1. These statistics terrify me. I cannot believe that there are still counties in my state that do not have a recycling program. I understand it costs money to start up, but these programs should be a priority.

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