Green in the community

I don’t know where this image is from, but I love it. If you know who created this image, please let us know!

There are a lot of blogs out there listing what you can do to be more green in your home. Today, we’re going to tell you what you can do to be more green within your community!

  1. Form a neighborhood cleanup crew

Bring people from your neighborhood together to clean up any garbage in and around the area

including parks, sidewalks, and peoples yards

  1. Volunteer at your local farmers market
  2. Form a Guerrilla Gardening team. Plant gardens where there is empty space.
  3. Start a recycling center. Find out who in your city takes used batteries, light bulbs, and other items that aren’t always taken at the curb
  4. Donate Clothes. Donating your used clothing ensures that people who cannot otherwise afford new clothes will have something to wear. Also, by donating and buying from second hand stores or local vendors, you’re adding far less miles on the clothes, adding less fuel to the bill.
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3 thoughts on “Green in the community

  1. Hello there! We’ve nominated your site as one of our top ten favourites for the Sunshine Award. Thanks for the tips and insights on living green!

  2. Wonderful suggestions! I really like the idea of expanding our “greeness” to include those who live around us. Here’s another idea … organize a shared “shed”. Most people have a lot of tools and yard equipment which could be shared by neighbors. This would helps us reduce our purchases and would be a great way to get neighbors talking (perhaps about living green).

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