Thanks to our Farmers Markets!

You can certainly say that you’re not in Kansas, anymore. There are no brightly colored boxes or logos, neon lights, or in your face advertising. The people standing behind the tables may have been up for hours, picking the same produce you see before you. It’s all fresh and locally grown. The farmers market seems to be a little different from what most Americans are used to. It’s a burst of honesty in a world of deception and corporate greed. You get what you see, but your supporting more than you know.

Michelle and I make it to a couple farmers markets a week. What we don’t get in our own garden, we get from our local farmers and vendors selling locally made goods. We know our farmers. We know their growing practices and their ethics. We know the families we’re supporting by keeping our money within our community.

I would like to thank our farmers for making our community the best it can be. If I’ve forgotten to add you, or a farm you love, feel free to say hello in the comments below!


R&M Bischoping Farms

Honeyhill Organic Farms

Anne’s Purple Produce

Nordic Farms Jams and Jellies

Clearview Farms

Whitney Farms

Fisher Hill Farms

Flour City Pasta

Circle B Farms

Hearty Half Hectare

Lighthouse Gardens

Ambrosia Acres

Blue Moon Bend Creamery

Biscotti for Everybotti

Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm…


Thank you all for all the amazing things you do!

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One thought on “Thanks to our Farmers Markets!

  1. wow what a selection you have at the farmers market – fantastic. Ours is maybe a tenth that size, but they do well to turn out at all sometimes with our British weather! Nice post to nam and thank them all. Ps – I found my way here from Reduce Footprints.

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