In Case of Drought, Buy Local

Though there might be a lot of debate as to what’s causing climate change, there are very few people who are actually denying it at all. This year we’re seeing temperatures exceeding anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Mixed with excessive drought, there are many experts who are predicting Dust Bowl like conditions leading to ecological, agricultural, and economical disaster for most of the country.

I have spoken with a good amount of farmers who sell their products at our local farmers markets and they’re all saying the same thing. Production is down. Fruits, vegetables, dairy, and eggs. This year is rough on everyone down the line, right to the consumer. With lower production, the farmers have little to no choice but to raise the prices. The farmers don’t want the prices going up any more that the consumer does. This leads to consumers going elsewhere for their food, such as Walmart or Costco, but you’re going to see those prices going up as well.

If there is anything the American farmer has mastered, it’s the art of adaption. As the climate changes, the farmer will make adjustments in the way he or she continues production. Be it different methods of irrigation, to changes in planting and growing cycles, the farmer can make the best of the situation.

This is why, in these tough times, it’s more important to support our local farmers than ever before. Because they’re producing less, they’re having a harder time making the money they need to continue on. It saddens me to know that there are some good farmers out there who might not make it, but with the help of the consumer, there is always a chance.

With this, I’m asking you to make your way to the farmers market this weekend. Do what you know is right, and support your farmers as much as you can with whatever you can. This is what community is about. If there is anything that can get us through this, it’s community.

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