A Rough Year

It’s been a hard year. As the season started, we were certainly cooking with fire, but this drought is starting to give us a beating in which we might never forget. One thing I’m certain of. Next year, I’m rigging up a couple 50+ gallon water barrels to soaker hoses set just below the ground surface to ensure our plants get the water they need. This year we might just have to take the first half of the season as loss. I haven’t totally given up, though. I’m going to come on strong for the second half of the season with some Green Zebra tomatoes that are started and getting bushy, as well as some more beets , swiss chard, lettuce, and spinach. I still have hope for the onions that look to be coming up strong, as well as the eggplant which usually surprise us. When we think they’re a lost cost, they end up popping off fruit like the octomom pops out doomed children.

As I’ve stated, it’s been a rough one and we’re not down and out, mainly because we still have the love of our local farmers. This is the time of year, especially in times like these, when it’s most important to support your local agriculture. Like the rest of us, they are having to deal with the weather, but in their case, if they can’t produce, they can’t sell. If they can’t sell, they won’t be able to sustain themselves, which in turn effects the entire community.

My homework for every one of you this weekend is simple, and I do hope you’re doing it already. Go to at least one of your local farmers markets. If you can’t find one in your area, just put a comment below that you can’t find one in your area. I will find one for you. Anyway, your homework is to go to your local farmers market and buy from at least two farmers. I look forward to hearing from you all about what you bought or, if you’re a farmer, what you’re selling.

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