Opening Day!

It’s quite this morning. I’m sitting here listening to the birds, looking at our little greenhouse full of wonders and thinking to myself how lucky I really am.

Today is opening day for the season at one of my favorite farmers markets, the Brighton Farmers Market, in Brighton, NY. In my humble opinion, I believe that there is nothing more definitive of the American Spirit than the farmers market. It’s a wonderful sensory overload of tastes, smells, and the sounds of bluegrass filling the air.

Why farmers markets? One of the most common arguments I hear against the farmers market is that it’s too expensive. Why would we go to the farmers market when we could just as easily go to a grocery store and buy what’s on the shelves there for a little less?

A farmers market is a communal organization. It’s run by your neighbors, friends, and family. The market is the best way to ensure that you’re purchasing produce, meats, and other goods that have been produced locally and to the ethical standards you would want for yourself and your family. The farmers market is also the best way to ensure that you’re keeping your dollar local. There is the great mantra, ‘vote with your dollar’, well there is no better way. When buying from someone like WalMart, a very small fraction of your money is staying locally, but when you buy from a local vendor who’s selling locally made or grown products,you can be sure your money is going to stay within the community.

It’s nice to know that my dollar is going towards putting a friends kid through college rather than but another supercar for a CEO I have never met.

Well, it’s starting to get warm out there. I hope to see all my local readers at the market today, and for those of you around the country and around the world, go visit a local market. You’ll be amazed at what you might find!

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8 thoughts on “Opening Day!

  1. Its actually a common mistake to think that shopping at farmers’ markets costs more than the grocery store. At the grocery store, you pay by the pound for your produce, same price for each pound no matter how many you buy. At the market however, as the amount you purchase goes up, the price per unit often decreases. So for anyone doing preserving or feeding a large family, the market is by far the better choice! And for canning, ask the farmer for “seconds”. Most farmers have a not-quite-perfect basket of produce that they’ll sell at a discounted rate.

    And don’t get me started on how much better the flavor and nutrition are on the items at the market! So get down there and check it out. You’ll be surprised what you find!

  2. Ours have been open for about a month now. I loved it this year when our favorite stand sold out before noon on opening day. Save money at the Dr., buy local organic!

  3. I love this post Scott! It is so happy and positive – what a great way to spread the word! We need to start frequenting farmer’s market more often…

  4. Thank you for this post. Sometimes I take living in Southern California for granted. We are lucky enough to have the majority of our farmer’s markets open all year. If you’re ever out this way and haven’t experienced the Sunday Hollywood Farmer’s Market or the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, you have to check them out. The beautiful bounty of produce and assorted nuts, dates, salts and other foods is just outstanding and all of it local. Right now I am most excited for cherries (they’ve just started appearing the past week or so) and white peaches–which are not in full swing here yet, but soon. :)

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