A Few Months In…

As many of you know, Our Tiny Earth is about sustainability, community, and how Michelle and I work to live within our community while maintaining a certain level of sustainability within our own lives. To be honest, it’s not as easy as we had hoped. We knew that there would be a lot of challenges and that it wouldn’t be a simple overnight transition, but there are a lot of factors in which we never really thought about. Though we feel hat we have a firm understanding on basic gardening, we quickly discover that there are a lot of things we don’t know. There are a lot of things for us to learn. It’s also not as cheap as we had anticipated. We knew that it would be expensive, but i find myself saving to buy a single item that we need, but that single item is only one small piece of a giant puzzle. The relationships we have with people. Some are not as we would want them to be, but we have to understand that sometimes people just don’t get along. It’s just a simple fact of life.

Mom and Dad's Back Yard

We have had our struggles, but then at the same times, we have had our triumphs. We’re eating food in the middle of February that we pulled from our garden in August, covering our homemade bread with jams and jellies we made in our kitchen from local and organic ingredients. We’ve met some of the most wonderful people in our lives and have maintained relationships with them that will last for the rest of our lives, and, we hope will enrich the relationships of those who also live within our community. Though we have spent a good amount of money, we have saved a good amount of money. I believe as we progress, the saving will begin to outweigh the spending. Michelle and i have become very active members of our community, taking part in local neighborhood and community events and organizations, dining at local restaurants, purchasing from local farmers, and drinking locally brewed beers!

In all, we’re not even close to our goal of becoming 100% sustainable, but we’re well on our way. It’s a slow process where opening our minds to learning new things is the most important thing we can do. I’m proud of Michelle and myself. I’m proud of the people in our community. I’m proud of the farmers and local business owners. We’re doing well. I love you all.


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2 thoughts on “A Few Months In…

  1. What a lovely post! I’ve always believed that it’s a process … that achieving “green” perfection might not be possible. But there is such a benefit to the process. And, of course, I believe that every little step counts. Congratulations on all of you’ve accomplished and the lessons you’ve learned. And thank you for sharing your journey with us! :-)

  2. Great post – and certainly from the heart. Our family has been trying to become completely independent and sustainable but it is so very expensive to get things started! We’re always saving up too. But, we’re patient. Hopefully at some point we’ll get there.

    Found your blog through the Monday Meet & Greet. I look forward to reading more.

    Peace. ;)

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