My Thoughts On Sustainable Communities

I get in far more than my fair share of arguments about what a sustainable community is and why sustainability is the best option for not just rural communities, but urban and suburban as well. I understand that there are people who are financially inclined to disagree with the sustainable blueprint, but when you look at it as a bigger picture rather than a single brushstroke at a time, it’s the most moral, ethical, and economically viable option we have.

We live for each other rather than for ourselves. I think this is the idea that breathe life into a strong community. It’s a sense of family and camaraderie that transends far beyond your front  door and the end of the driveway. It’s caring for those who genuinely need it, and helping those who need a push with just the push they need. It’s caring for the Earth and the environment as if its your own yard. It’s maintaining support for your local economy, though it might cost a little more, you know you’re purchasing quality and supporting family rather than padding the bank accounts of those who you will never meet, nor would they ever want to meet the likes of you.

What is a sustainable community? It’s the future. I can say this, because I believe that without the move to more sustainable communities, we might lose ourselves as communities as a whole.

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